Buy one of the best Auto GPS Systems

A good GPS navigation system while you are driving is not only safe, but also convenient. You don't have to pull to the side of the road to read a map or try to look at a map while you are driving.
A GPS system in your car can also let others know where you are in an emergency.

Things to consider when choosing a GPS system:

How easy will it be to see the screen? Sun glare can make reading the GPS difficult. The Best auto GPS systems will have an anti-sun glare device for the screen making it easier to read.

Size. The smaller the screen the harder it will be to read the map. A bigger 3.5 screen will be easier to read, making it safer when you drive.

Where can you mount the GPS in your vehicle? It should be high enough that you don't need to look down away from the road any more than necessary. A GPS should accomodate a safe place on the dash to mount the system.

How portable is the GPS? If you will use it for other purposes than while driving, or for other vehicles, make sure it is easy to take with you.

Will you need extra features like real time traffic and weather reports? This will be an extra cost to you. If you can get by with reports on your radio, you may do well without this feature.

Do you use Bluetooth technology for phone calls while driving? If you don't, it will save you money to buy a device without this technology.

The best auto GPS systems will connect to many satellites. The more satellites it connects to the quicker it can bring up the addresses you are looking for.

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