Use these driving test tips
to help you pass your written test the first time.

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The Drivers Written Test.

The written exam, also known as the Knowledge test is normally 25-35 multiple choice questions, but are chosen from the multitude of rules and laws from the drivers manual the licensing office gives out.
You won't be issued a permit or license without passing the knowledge test.

Driving test tips to pass the Written Exam:

Read through the drivers manual at least three times.

You should start reading the manual the licensing office gave you well before you plan to get your permit or license.
It is probably over 100 pages long with a lot of information you must memorize.

You probably know of friends or family who thought the DMV exam would be easy, so they took it without reading the drivers manual and found it wasn't that easy, and failed.

Focus on memorizing information in the manual with numbers.

This  would include distances you can legally park from intersections, crosswalks and other places. It will also include the penalties and fines for certain offenses as well as regulations on vehicle equipment (lights and mirrors) among other things.

You must also know the rules for turns, lane changes and signs and signals. But it seems easier for most people to remember those general driving rules than regulations you won't be using often with specific figures, distances and amounts attached to them.

Trust your gut instinct.

You have probably been told before that more often than not, your gut instinct  is usually the correct answer.

This holds true probably 80-90% of the time.

If unsure of the correct answer go with what you thought it was.

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Go with the "safest sounding" answer.

Driving rules are all about safety first and foremost.

Any answer that has "braking sharply" "squeezing past", "backing quickly" or similar statements that imply fast or careless, thoughtless actions will NOT be the correct answer.

The answer that involves more patience on the part of the driver will be the right one.

Read through the full question and every possible answer before choosing your answer.

The first or second answer you read may be a good choice, but the third or fourth answer may be the best and correct one.

Read them all before you make your choice.

*This driving test tip is true for any multiple choice test.

Arrive at the licensing office  at least an hour prior to the time the last test can be given.

In Oregon, if your number is not called an hour before the DMV closes, you will not be able to take the written test that day.

Other states would have a similar rule. Make sure you know the time the written test is given in your state drivers licensing office.

When my daughter went to take her written exam, we got there at 3:15, the last test was issued at 4:00 P.M. Her number was called at 4:00!

Talk to friends or relatives who have recently taken the drivers written test in your state for other driving test tips .

They may remember some questions on the exam and tell you what to expect when you take it.

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