Good Driving Techniques Will Not Only Make You Safer On The Road, It Will Make Your Car Last Longer Also.

Every driver should take the time and effort to learn and master the best and safest road habits from the time they start learning to drive. Many driving schools say it is best if a teen starts learning with a professional drive instructor rather than their parents, because so many parents have picked up many bad  habits or never learned right driving techniques to begin with. It is also easy to get lazy in using good  habits when you drive after you have learned them. This is why many elderly drivers who are required to take a road test to keep their drivers license have problems passing the test. it's not that they don't know how to drive, they just practiced bad  habits behind the wheel over many years and bad habits a hard to break.

Once you have learned good driving techniques, make it a point to keep using them whenever you drive. Don't get the attitude that just because you have your drivers license you will never get lazy using the good skills you learned. I know drivers who have lost their license for something as minor as having their wheels too close to the divider line on a narrow road.


Vehicle Visibility


Steering And Turning Techniques

Lane Changing Techniques

Braking Techniques

Two good techniques for safe, smooth driving are:

Be light on the gas pedal when accelerating.
Pushing too hard on the accelerator from a stopped position,
with front wheel drive will cause your tires to spin especially in wet or icy weather.

Be light on the brake pedal when braking.
Braking hard not only wears out your brakes faster,
You also risk someone hitting you from behind because they were too close to you.

  Defensive driving techniques are the best habits for any driver

Defensive driving is an attitude and mindset of being continually alert and aware of everything going on around you when you drive.

It is also an attitude of being ready for the worst from other drivers and being prepared to react to avoid a collision.

Driving a motor vehicle is a task that requires your focused concentration to do it safely.

Remember, even if you are following the rules of the road others may not be. Therefore, watch for those drivers not following the laws and rules for safety behind the wheel.
Also do what you can to make it easier for them to see you and avoid coming into your path.

Using a good GPS device can help keep your eyes on the road, not looking at a map or road signs to know where you are going.

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