An aggressive driver was involved
in each of these collisions

On one lesson I had with a student in a downtown area, we
approached a four way stop.

After stopping, my student proceeded into the intersection.
A cab driver on our right made a rolling stop and came into the intersection while she was there.
She slowed and swerved a little left to avoid him.
The driver behind crashed into the rear of our vehicle, probably expecting my student to be going faster.

The cab driver was obviously not yielding the right of way (he drove on and wasn't hit).
The driver behind was either following too close or speeding, maybe both.
In any case the aggressiveness of these drivers ended up causing a collision.

Another time I was in a DMV parking lot with my student where she was stopped to pull into a parking stall.

Before she had a chance to pull into the stall we heard and felt a hard bump at the right back side of our vehicle.

The lady got out of her car and admitted she was in a hurry to go home from the DMV and didn't look before backing out of the stall.
She obviously didn't yield to my student in the isle of the parking lot and was coming too fast out of her stall. Though she probably wasn't normally an aggressive driver, this time it appeared she was.

Once I was driving on a service road where the right lane was ending and I was in the left lane.

All of a sudden a van driver, who happened to be a distant neighbor of mine, came speeding up in the right lane trying to pass me.
I honked and picked up my speed because I had the right of way.
He continued to speed up and get passed me.

About two months later I passed his house where he parked his van, The back end was badly dented.
It had recently happened because I passed his house many other times and there was no dents in his van.

I have no doubts someplace else he engaged in those aggressive type of driving habits like he did with me and caused someone to hit the back of his vehicle.
I had to laugh when I saw it.

I was sitting in a store parking lot at night when a rough looking male driver was walking to his parked car.

When I looked at him passing me in my parked car, he looked back at me as though he was angry I was looking at him.

He got into his car, started the engine, then as if to show off, he gunned the engine by pushing hard on his accelerator as he backed out of his stall.
He hadn't looked behind him and didn't see another driver waiting for his spot, and front-ended him.

He was definitely speeding out of his parking stall!
It made me wish I never made eye contact with him to make him so irritated.

Some conclusions to be drawn about
aggressive driving from these collisions:

1. Speeding is the #1 aggressive maneuver an aggressive driver engages in   and was involved in all of the cited collisions above.

2. Every collision involved drivers impatient and in a hurry.

3. Every collision involved an aggressive driver that was careless or not
  watching what was happening the direction they were going.

4. Two of the collisions happened in a parking lot.
  (A crowded space with vehicles close by.)

5. At least two of the drivers didn't appear to have an aggressive
  personality making for an aggressive style of driving, yet they were still
  guilty of driving like an aggressive driver before the collisions.

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