Adjusting your side view mirrors
should be done before you drive.

To correctly adjust your mirrors on the sides of your vehicle, sit in the drivers seat like you would be driving as shown in the pictures on the left.

Next lean a little toward the mirror you are adjusting on either side as seen in the pictures on the right.

Turn the mirror out until you can barely see the side of your vehicle when you lean forward.

When you are sitting straight you should not see the side of your vehicle. You should see whats out and a little up (you want to see more than the tires of the car in the next lane.)

Seeing a little of the ground will be helpful if you will be backing in a parking stall or driveway.

When your mirrors are adjusted this way, you will see more of what is in the lane adjacent to yours.

Notice in the top pictures below, you can see a blue parked car in the left picture that you couldn't see in the right picture when the mirror was positioned to see the side of your vehicle.

In these bottom pictures notice you can see more space in front of the clump of trees on the right edge in the left picture with the mirror positioned out than on the right with the side view mirror positioned in.

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